IMS Safety Guidelines

Our Safety Promise

This new health situation will cause our school to operate differently in a few specific ways, while still offering the same standard of education you expect. 

Remain Open. International Montessori School will remain open in all Fort Lauderdale phases, as a private childcare center.  If Fort Lauderdale enters phases 1-3, there will be a mandatory school closure that will not affect us. We will remain open with all academic lessons continuing, even though we will be operating as a CHILDCARE center. At that time, parents may choose to continue sending their child to school as a childcare alternative or keep their child home.  Tuition will be eliminated for any child remaining at home with no support from International Montessori School.  If a mandatory childcare closure should occur, International Montessori School will provide, online program and homeschooling program.


Arrival and Dismissal. We will stagger our arrival and dismissal times, to help separate students in the hallway.  Parents will arrive at their scheduled time or return at the end of the arrival/dismissal process. 


Well-check. Upon arrival, staff will perform a well-check before admitting the student to the building. Students with an elevated temperature (above 99.9) will remain at home until they are fever free for 24 hours. Staff will also have their temperature taken before entering school.
Sick at School. If a student appears warm or sick at school, they will be separated from their community, temperature taken, and parents will be notified.  In the event the child does have a temperature or cold like symptoms, parents are expected to collect their child as soon as possible to avoid contamination of others.  While waiting, the student will remain with a staff member, isolated from the community. 


COVID-19 Test. If a student or member of their household is tested for COVID-19, parents will notify the school and keep the child home until a negative result has been obtained.  If a positive result is received, the student will remain home until the patient is no longer infected. IMS will report any positive cases to our local health department and licensing consultant.  Families will be notified immediately with information, as well as precautions necessary to stop the spread.


Masks. All staff members will wear masks daily when the state is in phases 1-4.  Primary students may elect to wear masks, but it will not be enforced. Students under 3 years old don’t need to wear masks. School will provide, face shield for all students and masks.


Hand Washing. Hand washing schedules will be implemented during arrival and dismissal, before and after eating, after using the restroom, after playing outside, after sneezing, after touching mouth or nose.  Hand sanitizer is available in each classroom and will be used regularly.  


Sanitizing. All classroom surfaces and materials will be sanitized daily during the classroom schedule and after school. The restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized every time used for any student. The common/shared areas/lessons will be sanitized after each use.


Workspace. All primary students will use one rug for the week which will not be shared with any other student.  These will be laundered weekly.  Desks will not be shared and will be sanitized before changing users.  All students will use their own school supplies as opposed to sharing community items.  All reasonable attempts to socially distance will be made.


Recess. Playground equipment will be sanitized between recess groups and after the end of each school day. 

Guests. Guests will be limited to a scheduled outreach program, licensed childcare consultant, or substitute teachers as needed.

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