International Montessori School

Think, Explore, Create.

At International Montessori School, we offer education to our children using the Montessori approach. Our School offers places for children from 30 months to 6 ½ years of age.

The school situated in a safe and beautiful neighborhood close to the downtown of Fort Lauderdale.

Choosing the right school and learning environment for their child is probably one of the hardest decisions a parent has to make.

It is even harder when faced with so much debate and division over the rights or wrongs of tests, league tables, and general shifts in
education policy.

At International Montessori School our aim is to enable children
to achieve their full potential, to be happy, to grow in knowledge and confidence, to have a good self-image, and eventually to be able to
go out into a fast-changing problem-laden society confidently with
well-developed skills, initiative, and enthusiasm; able to find their place enjoy it, and do well.

Maria Montessori Teaching - International Montessori School of Fort Lauderdale

In our School we interpret Montessori educational philosophy to adapt it to the modern teaching model to offer high-level training to each of our students. Our identity as a Bilingual school leads us to the initiation of children in the Spanish/Castilian language from Early Childhood Education progressively, throughout Primary Education.

Our goal is to provide our students with: A study program that meets the requirements of the AMI Montessori program and the necessary components of the Spanish program with a wide curricular offer, accessible to all children.

Teaching with lessons and resources that allow all students to reach their own potential and develop as safe and independent will. A school environment in which teaching is an engaging process and in which children are encouraged and supported.

The necessary supervision, personalized attention and evaluation to ensure progress and meet the individual needs of each child. An environment and education that foster responsibility, tolerance, collaboration, and respect for others.

An education that takes care of all aspects of the child’s development, complementing the academic program with sports
activities and social events.
Opportunities through which their parents can collaborate with the school in the interests of their children.